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Implement Project Based Learning from Start to Finish
Self-Paced Course with Printable Planning Resources
April Smith
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Included Pre-Made Resources

Multi-Grade Project Materials

Growth Mindset
Scientific Method
Wonder (Character Traits)
Solar Eclipse

Seasonal STEM Projects (Multi-Grade)
Cupid STEM
Gingerbread House STEM
Mayflower STEM
Snowflake STEM

2nd Grade Project Materials
Class Pet (Science, ELA, and Math)
School Garden (Science & ELA)
Severe Weather (Science & ELA)

3rd Grade Project Materials
Camping Trip (Math Focus)
Fast Food Restaurant (Math & Entrepreneurship)
Toy Store (Math Focus)
Valentine's Day Party (Math Focus)
Thanksgiving Dinner (Math & Cooking)
December Holiday Party (Math Focus)

4th Grade Project Materials
School Carnival (Math Focus)
Donut Shop (Math & Entrepreneurship)
Family Vacation (Math Focus)
Valentine's Day Party (Math Focus)
Thanksgiving Dinner (Math & Cooking)
December Holiday Party (Math Focus)

5th Grade Project Materials
Kid in a Candy Store (Math & Entrepreneurship)
Field Trip to Space (Math Focus)
Lemonade Stand (Math & Entrepreneurship)
Plan a Field Trip (Math Focus)
Personal Budget (Math & Financial Literacy)
Valentine's Day Party (Math Focus)
Halloween Bash (Math Focus)
Fall Field Trip (Math Focus)
Thanksgiving Dinner (Math & Cooking)
Holiday Cookie Exchange (Math Focus)
Plan a Holiday Party (Math Focus)

6th Grade Project Materials
Ancient Rome (Social Studies & ELA)
Personal Budget (Math & Financial Literacy)
Surf Shop (Math & Entrepreneurship)

Included Course Modules

In Module 1, we'll review the basic elements of project based learning. I'll explain what each element means, and what it really looks like in the classroom. After this module, you'll understand each piece that needs to be a part of your PBL planning.

Module 2 is where the bulk of your lesson planning will take place. I'll teach you exactly how to brainstorm an engaging topic and work in all of the elements of PBL. You'll get a planning template, and examples of how to customize the template when creating your own lesson plan. You'll also learn everything you need to know about writing a quality driving question. At the end of the module, you will turn in a lesson plan to me for feedback. I want to help you make everything work before you move on to pacing your lesson!

Additional Resources: Planning outline pages, student critique forms, editable driving question slips

Once you have a clearly defined driving question and an outline of your project, I'll teach you how to sketch out a flexible pacing calendar. Module 3 focuses on the importance of "Need to Know" lists in planning a flexible pace for your PBL. Check out the awesome examples included in this module!

Additional Resources: Editable pacing calendar

In this module, we get into the nitty gritty of implementing your planned project based learning activity. I teach you all of the procedures you need to teach your students in order to successfully work together in this type of classroom structure. I use all of my experience to give you recommendations on how to setup these procedures - and how to keep the chaos level at zero.

Additional Resources: Student procedure pages

Module 5 discusses how to easily differentiate instruction during project based learning. Hint: You don't need completely different lesson plans for each kid! The simple strategies I give you will help ensure that all of the different needs in your classroom (or homeschool) are met.

Additional Resources: Differentiation planning pages

One of the biggest fears you may have is that some of your students might not be manageable in this kind of learning environment. In Module 6, I explain how to manage behavior during project based learning. I give specific examples of common issues, and how I personally addressed them in my classroom.

As your PBL progresses, you're going to start wondering about grading student work. In this module, I talk about how to give smaller grades throughout the project (for teachers required to input grades daily or weekly), and how I use rubrics to fairly grade individual student output. I even share a sample rubric.

Additional Resources: Sample rubric


What teachers & homeschoolers are saying...

Best professional development along with the resources to implement! Thank you!

-Victoria M.

Fabulous resource and worth the money. My students have enjoyed doing the few projects that I have chosen so far.

-Suzanne A.

VERY excited to use this! I am even more thankful for the added training that goes along with it! It is apparent how much you have put into this- Thank you!

-Alyssa M.

This is such an amazing resource! Thank you for helping me change the way I teach!

-Julia P.

I am so excited to use this and the course with my students this school year! Thank you so much for offering such an incredible program at such an incredible value! For me, this is Above and Beyond all of the useful things I have ever purchased for my classroom! Thanks again!

-Heidi Z.

This course is not open for enrollment.

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What does the Club include?
The club includes my full course, Implement Project Based Learning from Start to Finish, and all of my pre-made lesson materials. Check the description for a list of projects included.
Who is the Club best for?
The Club membership is best for teachers or homeschoolers working with students in grades 3-5.
Can I get a refund if I don't use the materials?
Due to the digital nature of these resources, refunds will not be given after 7 days, or if multiple projects are downloaded. Please make sure to review all of the materials included before purchasing.
How often do I have to renew my membership?
NEVER! You have lifetime access to the course and these projects. If I make new projects, I'll add them to your membership at no additional cost.
Do you offer discounts for multiple teachers?
Yes! If your site has more than 10 teachers interested in joining, please email me at [email protected] for the bulk discount.
Can my school/district pay for this membership?
Definitely! I've worked with many districts to help purchase this for their teachers. Connect with me through email ([email protected]) and I'll help you get started with the process.

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April Smith

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